Most golfers think that golf distance finders are used for approach shots to the greens. This is absolutely a key feature of the distance finder and GPS device, but it is certainly not the only way these devices can help your golf game. The short game benefits tremendously from the use of a golf distance finder, and we will show you how.

Is the Short Game Feel or Precision?

Some golfers will call themselves feel players, while others are more mechanical. However, no great player will deny that to be accurate in the short game; you have to know your distances.

Not only should you know how far you are from the pin, but also how far you can hit each of your wedges. Do you know what type of swing produces a 75-yard shot? 50-yard shot? 30-yard shot?

Once you have some of the precise measurements down, you can use feel to get creative and get the ball close to the hole.

How Golf Distance Finders Can Fix Your Short Game

A golf distance finder will help with course management, distance control, accuracy, and precision. Here are a few ways to work on improving your short game with the help of your distance finder.

Nail The Layup Yardages

Are you still hitting shots to try and get yourself as close to a golf green as possible on your layups?

This type of golf course management can leave you with 30, 60, or 50 yards into the pin. Why not use your golf distance finder to pick the perfect spot to land your shot?

Use your distance finder to calculate exactly how far your layup should be. Determine the short game distances where you are the strongest and layup to those distances every time.

All golfers have some weak spots in their short game, but distance finders can help you avoid these weak spots.

Green Reading Technology

With GolfLogix, you have access to the 3D Green View that can help when trying to decide where to land your chips or pitches. Sometimes, with shorter shots, the idea is not to get the ball as close to the hole as possible.

Instead, the goal is to get the ball to a position where you can then make a single putt to finish the hole.

With green reading technology on golf distance finders, you can pick the perfect spot to land your shot.

Accurate Practice Sessions

Practicing the same 50-yard shot on the range repeatedly won’t help all that much when it comes to transferring your knowledge to the course.

With a distance finder, you can learn how far you hit each of your wedges and what those types of shots feel like. Incorporating a distance finder into your practice session will make all the difference when it comes to accuracy.

The next time you head to the course, and you have a 50 or 65-yard shot, you should know what clubs will work the best for this.

Putting Distance and Data

The more you play golf, the better you will get at judging distance on the putting green.

However, even professionals like to have an idea as to how far their putts are. Golf putting stroke length and total distance of the putt are related.

In addition, GolfLogix can show you the exact line your ball will take on its way to the hole.

Knowing this line encourages a more confident stroke and better roll of the ball towards the hole.

Again, this is just another reminder that a golf GPS and distance finder is not just for your long game.

What is the Best Golf Distance Finder to Improve Short Game?

The GolfLogix app has everything you need to improve your short game using your own mobile phone.

  • 3D Approach View: plan your approach shots and make sure you are capitalizing on those short shots that you have confidence in
  • Putt Line: understand how the ball is going to break, regardless of your location on the green
  • Slope technology: adjust your distance based on slope and understand how your chips and pitches are going to break on their way to the hole

Final Thoughts

If you are not already using the GolfLogix app to improve your short game, start doing so today. Those approach shots into the green are important, but when you get around the green, you can have a big impact on your scoring.

Use Golflogix to help with green reading, length of short chips and pitches, better course management, and more. Utilize all the tools you have to improve the most difficult part of the game of golf.