Strategic Play on a Budget: Using Golf GPS Free Tools Effectively

For a long time, golf GPS tools were expensive, and you had to decide whether or not you were going to use them to justify the pricing. Luckily, this has changed! With free GPS apps like GolfLogix, you can use these tools to make tremendous advancements in your game and take your scoring to the next level.

Free Golf GPS Technology To Utilize On The Golf Course

The free GPS from GolfLogix contains 3D course maps, score and stat tracking, the opportunity to compete with friends, and even analysis of your stats. Let’s look deeper into how these things can impact your scoring and play.

3D Course Maps

A 3D Course map lets you visualize the course hole layouts and plan your shots effectively. In addition, you can get the distances you need to the front, back, and center of every green.

One of the most critical components of playing a great round of golf is to ensure you have the right club in your hand. Free golf GPS technology helps you do that.

Great golfers visualize the shots that they want to hit. The proper 3D course map will help with visualization and improved mental clarity in your shot-making decisions.

Full Score and Stat Tracking

Gone are the days of the scorecard and golf pencil with no eraser! Now, you can enter your full score in a free golf GPS tool to ensure you have a history of your rounds.

If you play the same course all the time, it becomes really easy to see your progress and even what holes you may need to work on.

In addition, stat tracking gives you some insight into what to practice. It may be fun to stand on the range and try to pump out 275-yard drives, but if you are three-putting 6 times a round, that type of practice won’t help all that much.

Use the free score and stat tracking to keep a close eye on your golf game and ensure you stay on top of the issues before they get the best of your scoring.

Compete With Friends

GPS free tools often allow you to set up scoring and compete with friends. The GolfLogix app makes it easy to enjoy some friendly competition with your group partners, all with your phone.

One of the great things about free technology like this is that it makes scoring and competitions much faster. If you like a quick round of golf, utilizing free technologies will certainly help shave time off the round.

Stats Analysis

Once you have collected your scores and stats, it’s time to analyze them.

A golf handicap is a bit limited in what it can tell you about your game. Having more detailed stats is what the best players in golf are looking for.

When you have some downtime away from the course, look at where your game is trending up and where it is trending down. Be smart about the changes you make in your swing and in your game to reach your goals on the golf course.

Who Should Utilize Golf GPS Free Tools?

As long as you have a smartphone to bring with you out on the golf course, it makes complete sense to take advantage of the free GPS tools that an app like GolfLogix offers. Players are no longer pacing off yardages to sprinkler heads.

The inaccuracy in how we used to track our golf stats and measure our yardages to the pin has changed, and now it’s time to use technology.

When Is It Time To Upgrade To Paid GPS?

Free golf GPS tools are worth taking advantage of for every golfer. However, at some point, you may notice that it’s time to upgrade to something that gives you more detailed information.

Some of the features you get when you upgrade to paid golf GPS include:

  • Slope adjusted distances
  • 3D flyovers
  • Color-coded landing zones on the greens
  • Green slope heat maps
  • USGA-approved break maps
  • Club tracking technology
  • 3D putt line guidance

Final Thoughts

If you have never used a golf distance measuring device or are currently using a rangefinder that is limited in the information it gives you, give a free golf GPS app like GolfLogix a try. The information you receive from using GolfLogix will only help your game and leave you looking for even more ways to improve your next round of golf.