GreenBooks Black Friday Sale

It’s that time of year again when you can get some of your favorite golf accessories at an incredible discount. Whether you are shopping for yourself or for the golfer in your life, the Black Friday sale on GreenBooks will give you 50% off. If you need to know a bit more about what GreenBooks has to offer and why this sale is such a good one, we will fill you in with all the details!

Which GreenBooks Are on Sale for Black Friday?

As part of the GreenBooks Black Friday sale, all stock GreenBooks are going to be included in the sale. With more than 14,000 golf courses all across the world, there is a very high probability that your course will have a matching GreenBooks available for order.

The sale for Black Friday is for the new and improved GreenBooks 2.0. With new yardage guides and elevation indicators, the data you get from GreenBooks is better than ever before.

GreenBooks 2.0 – What It Has To Offer

The GreenBooks 2.0 is the latest release from GreenBooks, offering everything from heat maps to putt breaks and yardage guides. Here are a few of the features you can expect from the latest release of the GreenBooks yardage books.

Heat Maps

If you have ever wondered where the best spot on the green would be to land your shot, the heat maps will show you. The maps show areas where the slope is severe and where it is more subtle.

If you are like us and prefer to hit a straight uphill putt to keep your score down, the heat maps are the perfect way to improve your approach shots.

Putt Breaks and Green Reading

Reading greens is a skill that takes time and attention to detail to master. However, with the GreenBooks putt break information, you can finally feel like you truly know how a putt will break.

Take a look at the GreenBooks and use the arrows to see which way the slope is going to take your golf ball. Once you have the breakdown, it becomes easier to take a confident stroke at the golf ball.

Yardage Guides

The yardage guides are a new addition to the GreenBooks 2.0 yardage books. These yardage guides show measurements from tee to green to help you choose everything from the tee shot to the approach.

The yardage guides also show you the distance from each tee box, making it easier to see how far you are hitting your shots.

One key data point that golfers love is the green depth feature. If you are in between clubs, having an indication of how big the green is will allow you to choose the right club and swing with confidence.

Take Advantage of This Sale Today

The GreenBooks sale is not going to last for long. To make sure that you get your GreenBooks in time for the holidays, secure your 50% off on Black Friday. With the quality and durability of the GreenBooks, this is a tough deal to pass up.

Make sure 2024 is your best golf year yet by finally understanding the courses you are playing with the help of your GreenBooks yardage and green reading books.