Exploring November’s Golfing Wonderland: Track Your Way to Victory

Golf stat tracking has become second nature for many amateur players. Let’s face it: you remember every shot you hit, and you can’t wait to tell your friends about it. Why not track the round and pull up some really interesting information about your abilities on the course, why you may shoot what you do, and whether or not you have some room for improvement? Golf Logix allows professional-level stat and data collection that will change the way you think on the course.

Start With Score Entry

The first step to tracking your game and taking it to the next level is to start entering your scores. If you are used to having old scorecards on the bottom of your golf bag, the Golf Logix score tracking will completely change the way you think about organizing and remembering each round.

At the end of the hole, answer a few quick questions about the score and any other data you want to add. After just four or five rounds, you will have a real way to look at how your golf game is trending.

Track Progress to Get Lower Scores

Tracking progress is what leads to lower scores.

How will you know if your new swing thought or new wedge is actually helping you improve?

You may know you shot 88 one day and 84 another, but how is that trending over time?

The progress tracking encourages you to take a more detailed look at your golf game, something that most amateur golfers forget to do.

By focusing more on the details instead of the final number, you can break your game down into specific parts and finally start to master some of them.

Knowing you had four more putts today than you did in your last round, but you scored three shots less, really says quite a bit about your ball striking. Without golf games and stat tracking, you wouldn’t have this data.

See How Far You Drive the Ball- Pick The Right Tees

In addition to stat tracking, Golf Logix also helps you see how far you are hitting your drives. Combine an accurate driving distance measurement with Golf Logix GPS data points, and you really have no reason to miss the fairway ever again.

Too many golfers grab the driver off of every tee box when, in fact, it’s not the right club to play.

Sometimes, a 3-wood or 5-wood makes more sense when you have your yardages narrowed down.

In addition, if you are struggling to keep up with your friends on the course because of a lack of distance, knowing your total driving distance can help you choose an appropriate tee box to play from.

Pick the right club and the right tees, all because you started tracking your golf game with golf GPS.  

Club Tracking- Never Second Guess a Shot

Knowing how far you hit every club is even more important than knowing how much distance you have into a green. Golf Logix club tracking is a bit like having a caddy with you when you play a round of golf.

Not only will you get your accurate distance to the center of the green, but you can also look at which club would make the most sense to use.

Club tracking gives all players more confidence when standing over their golf ball. Would you rather know that the 7 iron is the perfect club, or are you fine with wondering as you swing?

There is no reason to second guess golf shots anymore as soon as you start club tracks.

Finally, Understand Where Your Weaknesses Are

Everyone has weaknesses in their golf game. The players who move on from these weaknesses and truly become better players are those who know what to work on. With stat tracking, you will know exactly what to practice, where your time is best spent, and what keeps you from reaching your goals.

Final Thoughts

Every golfer needs to take tracking seriously. If you want to win, even if winning means reaching your goal of breaking 90, you need to have the data to reach your solution. Golf GPS from Golf Logix is so much more than just a number to the front, middle, and back of every green; it’s a ticket to a lower score.