Christmas on the Course: Enjoy 50% Off Green Books

Need an extra gift for your favorite golfer on your list? Do you feel like it’s time to up your game this year and make the right on-course decisions? The GolfLogix Green Books sale is here, and it’s time to take advantage of the best savings we have seen all year. If your game has a missing link right now, take a look at all that Green Books has to offer.

Features and Benefits of the New Green Books

The new Green Books 2.0 was released earlier this year, and the features have made it even easier to get the data and information you need while out on the course. Some of the features include accurate putt break analysis and even detailed heat maps.

Heat maps give you a clear look as to where each shot should be placed on the green. It’s one thing to be 15 feet from a pin; it’s another to be directly above that pin when greens are running fast.

Knowing the way the green slopes before you approach it is a tremendous benefit. In addition, the new Green Books also feature enhanced yardage information. You will now have details on the exact distance from the tee box to the green, elevation above sea level, and green depth.

Knowing a pin is 150 yards away is helpful. However, knowing that the green is just five yards wide in the center (where the pin is) will really help you keep your ball on the green.

  • Accurate putt break analysis to improve putting
  • A comprehensive yardage guide improves shot planning
  • Integration with the GolfLogix app
  • Detailed Heat Maps and green depth information
  • Thousands of golf courses to choose from

Why Green Books Makes The Perfect Holiday Gift

Green Books might be what you want to find in your stocking this holiday season, but there are plenty of great reasons to give Green Books as a gift. With our large offering of golf courses located around the world, it’s not hard to find the home course of the golfers in your life.

In addition, the Green Books have an option for a beautiful leather cover. Part of playing like the pros is acting like them, and a leather cover over your yardage book is a step in the right direction.

Green Books can be combined with a subscription to the GolfLogix app to have a way to track all scores and course data throughout the 2024 season.

Let Green Books Change Your Game in 2024

The importance of proper data while out on the golf course cannot be understated. To change your golf game, you must rely on your golf swing and the selections you make, but are you working with the correct information?

You see professionals look at their yardage books and calculate numbers and yardages. Why aren’t you doing this?

Doesn’t it make sense to try and shoot as low as you possibly can? With the data from Green Books, you can do your part to attack the golf course in a way that finally makes sense. Scoring lower is just as much about decisions made on the course as it is about the mechanics of your golf swing.

Final Thoughts

For a limited time, you can get Green Books for 50% off. If you have big plans to play golf locally in your area or as part of your travel this year, now is the time to get the Green Books to match your 2024 golf lineup.

You will be glad you have the Green Books in your back pocket the next time you step out on the golf course.