Game On! The Ultimate Guide to GolfLogix Rules Compliant Mode Mastery

If you play in golf tournaments, it’s important to stay compliant when on the golf course. However, having an accurate yardage to the hole is a must! Luckily, GolfLogix has a Rules Compliant Mode to make it easier than ever to play tournaments and evens with the use of your GolfLogix. Let’s take a more in-depth look at the GolfLogix Rules Compliant Mode.

What Is GolfLogix Rules Compliant Mode?

The GolfLogix Rules Compiant Mode is also known as Tournament Mode. Essentially, the tournament mode feature is a way to play in a golf tournament and use your golf GPS but still have access to all the great data that GolfLogix provides during a round of golf.

Allowed and Prohibited Features in Golf Tournaments

The rules of golf are always in play. However, when playing in a tournament, there are specific rules that must be followed.

During a golf tournament, you are allowed to obtain distances to the front, middle, and back of the green. You can also get distances to hazards or doglegs. This is all considered legal under the rules of golf.

However, the device that you are using must not measure the wind speed, wind direction, or slope. In addition, players are not supposed to track temperature when playing in a tournament.

With the GolfLogix Tournament Mode, all features that provide prohibited information will be

turned off. You can play a round of golf with no concern that the details are going to disqualify you from the event.

Local Rule Considerations

Local rules in a golf event may take things a bit further. Some courses have specific restrictions about distance measuring devices. With GolfLogix Tournament Mode, it is very easy to see that the device does not provide slope or elevation changes.

Rules officials may need to check your phone to ensure that the mode is turned on, and then it should be allowed for a legal round of golf.

Sharing Information With Other Players

If you are sharing a cart with another golfer, it’s common to have one distance-measuring device for the group. In tournament situations, this is still considered legal.

It’s acceptable to share distance information with other players in the group. However, no information on how to play the shot or which club to use should be shared, as that goes against the rules of golf.

The GolfLogix App, which provides accurate yardages to the front, middle, and back of the green, can be a part of a legal round of tournament golf.

Why Is Rules Compliance So Important?

If it is determined that you are using a non-compliant device during a tournament, it’s a breach of Rule 4.3. If the information was used in a way that would affect or impact your play, you will be subject to a penalty.

When playing in a tournament, don’t feel the need to guess about your yardages. Simply use the Rules Compliant Mode and get the accurate numbers you need to play your best round of golf.

Should I Always Play Golf With Tournament Mode On?

As great as it is to have the option for Tournament Mode, it’s a smart idea to use the full scope of GolfLogix features when you are not playing in events.

Learning how to pick the right clubs while calculating slope, wind direction, and elevation changes is a big part of learning feel and precision on the course. While practicing and preparing for events, take full advantage of these features.

Final Thoughts

With the way the GolfLogix app is designed, it’s time to take your golf game to the next level. When you get it there, and are ready to compete, don’t forget to turn on Tournament Mode. You will still have a familiar look and the yardages you can trust, and you can show off the skills that your game tracking and scoring have helped you achieve.