Choosing the Right Shots for Every Green (How Golf GPS Can Help)

Golf GPS will give you more than just a distance to the center of the green. The goal of golf GPS is to help you hit the right shots for every golf green you need to approach. Most amateur golfers underutilize their GPS. Let’s take a look at how you can use your Golf Logix golf GPS technology to choose the right shot to hit the green every time.

Understanding Yardages

The first part of choosing the right approach shot is to determine the yardage. With golf GPS, you will get distances to the front, middle, and back of the green. If the green is deep there could be a two or three club difference from the front to the back of the green.

With the golf GPS, you can get a better understanding of what it will take to hit the area where the pin is located.

Green Slopes

With the Golf Logix GPS, you will be able to see different zones on the green that show the flattest areas. Flying a shot into an area of the green where there is a great deal of slope could lead to the shot bouncing off or moving further from the pin.

In addition, if you don’t pay close attention to green slopes, you will leave yourself with difficult or nearly impossible to make birdie putts. Golfers who make a lot of one putts put themselves in situations to make those one-putts.

Use the heat maps to pick your best angle of approach and landing zone on the green.

Course Mapping Features (Flyover)

The course mapping features or the Flyover technology will alert you to any hazards or false fronts that may be difficult to see from the location of your golf ball. The flyover technology is especially useful when playing a golf course that you have never played before.

Some pins are not worth going for, and the flyover technology can confirm that. Instead, play your approach shot to a safe area that allows you to make an easy par and move to the next hole.

Hazard Information

One of the bigger mistakes that amateur golfers make is not having enough carry distance in their approach shots. If you have a bunker in front of a green, ensure you are getting accurate distances to how far you must hit the ball to carry the bunker.

If you have your carry distances accurate and the yardage to the hazard, there is no reason to come up short again.

Elevation Data

Another way to use your golf GPS data is to take into account any significant slope changes on the golf course. With slope-adjusted distances from your Golf Logix GPS app, you will never second guess whether the club you have in your hands is the right one for the job.

Elevation data can be turned off for tournaments, so the Golf Logix GPS is still tournament-safe.

Club Tracking

Remember how important we said it is to take into account the carry distance for your golf shots? Use your golf GPS to help you do that as well. Over time, you will start to collect enough data about your game that playing with a golf GPS becomes like playing with a caddie.

As you learn your distances and track your clubs, you can also decide where your strengths and weaknesses are. When hitting tee shots or layups, you will not be able to make better decisions for your golf shots.

Play To Your Strengths

Most golfers have a natural ball flight of some kind. The flight may be left to right, right to left, high, or even low. Play to your strengths whenever you can. Use your golf GPS to determine if the golf course is set up for that shot today, and play it.

Without a golf GPS, you may end up getting to the hole and saying something like, “Why didn’t I just hit the high draw that I prefer.” Knowledge is power, and a premium golf GPS app like Golf Logix can get you all the information you need to be successful on the golf course.