Golf Course GPS: Your Secret Weapon for the start of the New Golf Season

The new golf season is right around the corner. For those who had a long winter, it’s time to dust off the clubs and head back out to the course. There is a bit of a winter slide that happens for most golfers. You may struggle with ball flight control, distance, or short game for the first few weeks. The good news is that golf GPS can help you start your new season on the right foot. Here are 6 ways you can get your new golf season started the right way by utilizing your golf GPS.

Get Familiar With The Course Layout

The next time you head out for a round of golf, take a look at the entire golf course layout before you head out. Having a game plan in mind makes it easier to choose clubs on the course and pick alignment lines.

Play through each hole mentally using your Golflogix GPS. Pay close attention to golf holes where hazards could be an issue. Avoiding those double and triple bogeys will make all the difference in your scoring.

Check the Front, Middle, and Back

Learn to use your golf GPS to check every green’s front, middle, and back yardages. If a pin is in the back of the green, sometimes it makes sense to be just short of the pin with a putt instead of behind the green with a chip.

Learn to go for the center of the green using this information and leave yourself more par opportunities.

Track Shots – Identify Weaknesses

Start this season off by making a commitment to tracking your golf shots. Tracking your golf shots gives you data that can help you know exactly what to practice and work on. Are you hitting fairways, hitting greens, making three putts?

Track everything you can about your rounds if you want to make your practice sessions more effective. It’s the quickest way to get better at golf.

Be Aware of Hazards

Don’t rely on your golf GPS just for yardages to the green. The golf GPS app is also a tool to tell you how far away the hazards are. After the off-season, your ability to navigate bunkers and tricky shots may be a little compromised.

The proper yardage can ensure you never get caught in these tough spots.

Depending on the yardage you have into a hole, sometimes it makes sense to lay up short of the hazard and hit a short shot back over it. If you have 240 yards into a par 5 and there are bunkers at the 200-yard mark, hit your 175-yard club and then hit a slightly longer shot to the green.

These types of decisions, made possible with golf GPS data, should lower your scores.

Speed up the Pace of Play

Your golf scores at the start of the season likely won’t be your lowest. Speed up your pace by not having to pace off yardages and simply using the data on your golf GPS. GolfLogix loads automatically and moves around the course with you.

Make smarter and more accurate decisions.

Gain Confidence in Your Clubs

Finally, with the GolfLogix GPS, you can start to really understand how far you are hitting each of your clubs. Use this data to ensure you have enough carry distance to reach any target. Most amateur players are unsure of their exact distances, and it adds a few strokes to any round.

Sometimes, the difference of 3-5 yards at the beginning of the season is still due to being a little rusty. As your golf season continues, you can see how the yardages change and pick the right club all year long.

So many of the mistakes amateur players make can be avoided with the use of golf gps and proper shot planning.

Final Thoughts

At this point you should have a better understanding of how you can use the golf GPS to get your season started on the right foot. The great news is you can even start thinking about your plans and mapping out the shots you want to hit from the comfort of your home. With more than 40,000 golf courses pre programmed it takes seconds to find your home course and put together your plan for the 2024 golf season.