Utilizing Golf GPS for Women Golfers – 5 Important Tips

One of the struggles that many women golfers have when playing golf is an inconsistency in the yardage of their shots. Using a golf GPS can help you hit golf shots the length you need and keep much better tabs on your golf game as a whole. GolfLogix has several features to help women golfers play their best. If you aren’t utilizing this today, it’s time to start.

Choose a User-Friendly GPS

The best golf GPS is one that is easy to use and will help you speed up play as opposed to slowing it down. GolfLogix is designed to be a user-friendly app that is straightforward and accessible regardless of your skill level.

As you play your round of golf, GolfLogix essentially plays right along with you. You’ll be able to track your round and move from one hole to the next without having to make manual adjustments.

Understand Course Mapping Features

The GolfLogix GPS provides a detailed and accurate mapping of more than 40,000 golf courses. It also accurately measures hazards, greens, fairways, and more.

In addition to being able to visualize what the golf hole looks like while standing on the tee box, you can also make sure your plan of attack is correct.

GolfLogix lets you decide if you want a driver or a 3 wood off the tee, if you want to hit your shot up the left or right side and whether or not going for the green or laying up makes more sense.

Leverage Distance Measurements

The GPS will provide distance to the front, middle, and back of the green. In addition, you can get accurate measurements of hazards and layup points.

Instead of hitting the ball as far as you can to get as close to the green as possible, why not lay up to a position where you can hit with your favorite club.

You’ll notice many professional golfers will not leave themselves awkward distances. They always make sure they put the ball in a place where they can be accurate.

Learn from this and utilize all of these distance measurements.

Start Tracking Your Stats

Golf stat tracking is a great way to understand your golf game’s strengths and weaknesses. With GolfLogix, you can track things like greens in regulation, fairways hit, and putts per round.

GolfLogix allows you to keep detailed stats on your performance and lets you identify strengths and areas for improvement.

You may think that your driver is the club holding you back from becoming a better player when, in reality, it is your putting.

Pay close attention to the way your game is trending through these stats. When you have a chance to head to the range to practice, you’ll know just what to work on.

Utilize Putt Line and Green Read Features

Women golfers often struggle with not being able to get enough distance in their golf game. However, when it comes to putting and short game women golfers can really dominate.

The advanced features in GolfLogix will help you clearly understand how a putt will break. Once you have this down, trust your putting stroke and get the ball started on the right line.

If you’ve always felt like your putting stroke was consistent and accurate but still miss putts, this information could be the missing link.

In addition, you have to remember to check the green slope and the best areas to hit on the green when chipping and putting. Getting the ball on the green is not the only goal; you’ll want to hit it in a location where you can easily make a one putt.

Take the GolfLogix GPS app out when you practice and become an expert on the greens at your home course.

Final Thoughts

At this point, you should have a much better understanding of the benefits of GolfLogix for women golfers. You can take advantage of many features, but at the very least, start by getting accurate yardages for each of your shots. You’ll start to better understand which club to take for each shot, which will almost instantly save strokes in your game.