Beginner’s Guide to Using GolfLogix App for Lowering Your Score

The purpose of using a golf GPS app goes beyond measuring distances. The point of using the GolfLogix app is to lower your scores. Whether it’s a drive that doesn’t end up in a bunker or an approach that lands on the correct side of the green, using the GolfLogix App can lower your score if you know how to use it properly. Let’s look at all of the app’s features and how it will directly impact your golf game.

Key Features – Beginners Guide to Using GolfLogix App To Lower Scores

The more you use the GolfLogix app, the more benefits you will find to help improve your game. Here are the categories and features you can get started with as you begin your journey with GolfLogix.

GPS & Course Maps

Most golfers think about using a GPS app to get a distance to a green. However, the best way to use the GPS is to choose the correct club and map out your golf shot.

You’ll be able to use information about the distance to the front, middle, and back of the green to pick a club that gives you the best chance of landing your shot on the green surface.

In addition, you can check for distances to bunkers and the position of things like water hazards and waste areas. Planning and visualizing these shots will leave you with fewer penalty strokes and more chances of making a par.

Putt Break Maps

Green reading takes time to learn. You can accelerate that process using putt break maps. The putt break maps help you see the contours in the green and adjust your putting stroke.

Personalize Club Tracking

The GolfLogix app will help you track your distances and which golf club to use for each shot. Most golfers overestimate how far they hit each of their shots. Rely on the club data to make sure you are picking the correct club at the correct time.

Stat Tracking

It’s hard to fit in time to practice golf. When you get the time, make the most of your practice by looking at your stats and data. The stats show you the weakest areas of your game and where improvement will make the biggest difference.

Focus on things like chipping, pitching, driving accuracy, or sand saves based on the data supplied by GolfLogix.

Pre Round Preparation

Before a round of golf, use the GolfLogix app to get a game plan for the day. This can become especially helpful when you are playing a new golf course. Look at some of the hazards and areas of trouble and also look at the holes that would be considered scoring holes.

After Game Analysis

When you have finished using the GolfLogix app during your round of golf, don’t forget to take a look at everything when you have completed your play. Aside from just your score, you can see if you could improve any stats like the number of putts or greens in regulation.

Golfers who track their rounds have a much better understanding of how they can improve their game and where the majority of their issues lie. Set challenges for yourself and work to improve your stats over time.

Why Can The GolfLogix App Help Me Lower My Score?

It helps to have an understanding and some data to work with to do anything well. The GolfLogix app gives you all the data you need about the golf course and your golf game. You can use this to effectively plan, make smart decisions, and get the ball in the hole quicker. We don’t all have a caddy with us as the professionals do; let GolfLogix be the caddy for you!


The GolfLogix app is your key to lowering scores. You will play better on the course and know what to practice and how it can impact your game. So many golfers think that slices and lack of distance make them shoot higher scores, but it turns out it could be the iron shots or extra putts. Take full advantage of all the GolfLogix features and shoot the scores you know you are capable of.