GolfLogix is a golfer’s best friend: a handheld GPS for over 35,000 courses worldwide, the app has been rated the #1 golf app by many users for its premium features, such as its ability to accurately track stats of numerous categories.

From the convenience of a golfer’s pocket, a GolfLogix user can simply take out their phone and open the app before each round. The app offers a bird’s eye mapping of course information to aid golfers in their understanding of a course terrain, whether it’s their first time playing on the course or they’ve played on it for the past decade.

The centimeter-by-centimeter view of many of the logged courses allows the golfer to understand the slope and elevation change between where they stand and the hole, so they can utilize this information for their best swing or putt. This technology is possible thanks to advanced laser scanning and photography.

Additionally, GolfLogix provides the ability to see how a putt will break. By drawing a line of the golfer’s intended direction towards the hole, GolfLogix will show the user in real-time how the putt will work to their advantage or disadvantage, so they can make the necessary adjustments to sink the putt seamlessly.

This technology allows a golfer to track the following statistics:

  1. Percentage of fairways hit. Many new golfers aim to reach a 50% goal of fairways hit, and these stats are important for future games.
  2. Greens in regulation. Considered a great way to track iron play for golfers. As this percentage increases, a golfer’s game improves.
  3. Driving distance. Increasing the driving distance of a tee shot is a high priority for many golfers, and by tracking this statistic, they can see how it improves over time.

In addition to these three, stats also include scoring average, scoring outcome, score on par, putting performance, and club tracking. These statistics provide a full view of the golfer’s performance on each round, so they can learn from their performance and continue to improve.

The statistics are uploaded into the GolfLogix Clubhouse, where a community of other GolfLogix users have also shared their stats. This promotes connection and friendly competition amongst the GolfLogix community, cementing GolfLogix as the best golf app to track stats.