GolfLogix was created to aid golfers in their game through the power of information. When a map of the course’s terrain is available to a golfer in vivid detail, they’re better able to plan their swing or putt and perform at their potential. This same golfer-centric mentality led to the creation of four staple GolfLogix features that can help all golfers in their game, amateurs and pros alike.

  1. GolfLogix offers stat-tracking, which helps golfers understand their performance and track improvement over time. Golfers improve more rapidly at their game when they can understand how they perform in detail. GolfLogix provides statistics such as percentage of fairways hit and greens in regulation to track progress. The ‘putting performance’ category of statistics offers the exact percentages of missing short, long, left, or right, so that the user has the information necessary to amend their next putt.
    Other tracked statistics include scoring average, scoring outcome, score on par, and club tracking. These stats can be analyzed during and after the game,  ensure the user has all the information necessary to improve their performance, and watch these improvements continue over time. The stats are also uploaded into the Golf Logix Clubhouse, where users can compete with other GolfLogix golfers.
  2. GolfLogix features 3D mapping of tens of thousands of courses. The GolfLogix app includes over 35,000 worldwide maps, with visually contoured bird’s eye views of the course terrain. When a golfer is approaching a new course for the first time, it can be difficult to understand the terrain and factor these influences into a swing or putt.
    Photographic technologies and laser screenings provide a full scope of the terrain at large and can make a more accurate swing, sans any unexpected slopes invisible to the eye from far away. The maps are easy to see and understand thanks to zoom-in features, and the maps auto-orient depending on where the golfer is standing.
  3. GolfLogix’s Putt Line feature supports accuracy in putts. The 3D mapping supports the Putt Line feature on over 13,000 courses. The golfer simply draws a line to the hole in the app to see how the putt will break when they’re within 40 yards of the hole. This simulation supports better analysis of the right course of action for the putt, shaving strokes off the scorecard for the hole.
  4. The ‘Approach View’ and exact yardage aids in swing accuracy and precision. 3D mapping also offers a salient approach view. Within 250 yards of the green, a GolfLogix user can track exact yardage to the hole and see how the ball will roll when it lands. This information influences the swing, ultimately helping the game.
    The expert combination of these four features ensures that GolfLogix users are performing at their highest potential, thanks to the robust information at their fingertips. By tracking stats and utilizing Putt Lines and Approach view, golfers of all levels are better positioned to play their best game yet thanks to GolfLogix.