For new GolfLogix users, it may take some time to discover all of the many features within the app. The best way to dive in is to get out onto the course and test it out. As a player nails down the staples of how to get the most out of the technology, they may start to wonder if there are other insider tips on how to take full advantage of GolfLogix.

Here are five tips from our own insiders so you can continue to step up your game and take advantage of all GolfLogix has to offer.

1. Integrate GolfLogix with your Apple Watch.

To streamline the process of using GolfLogix for each round, the app can be easily integrated with an Apple Watch so that all a player has to do is hold up their wrist to get information. Of course, it’s still easy to pull out a phone and track the same information, but there’s something special about having all of that exact yardage tracking power right on your wrist. The app works on both Series 3 and Series 4 Apple watches.

2. Log into the Clubhouse!

Meet GolfLogix’s Clubhouse: it houses all stats, and allows every player to share their stats to compare with other GolfLogix users. This way, everyone’s information is in one place. At any time, a user can analyze past games for knowledge from the comfort of their cell phone.

3. Take Advantage of GolfLogix’s Video Lessons

GolfLogix cares most about helping every one of its users improve their game. Video lessons with instructors are available online, and new videos are emailed whenever they become available. Each video lesson is full of more insider tips, as well as wisdom from the sage instructors who have been perfecting their own golf games for years.

4. The Putt Line Feature

The latest update to the app includes a revolutionary feature: Putt Line! Players can now see exact distances and elevation changes. With one swipe on the screen, the 3D course mapping technology will provide information on how the putt will break so that a user can determine an optimal aim point for their putt.

5. Tee Times…but with hot deals.

You may know that you can book tee times on GolfLogix, but the Tee Time search functionality also allows a search by “hot deals.” Discounts are frequent at certain courses for members and nonmembers alike, making it easier and more compelling than ever to try out new local courses, or find local discounts while traveling.

These five insider tips are sure to help every GolfLogix user get the most out of the app and its functionalities.