GolfLogix serves to provide players with the tools and analytics they need to perform well on a golf course, and does so 365 days a year. With over 35,000 courses logged, GolfLogix will be available to track performance, provide a robust understanding of the course’s terrain, and measure the distance to the hole whenever a player is teeing up for a round of golf no matter where in the world they are or what time of year it is. The highly rated tracking app requires just one contingency: the app user must be able to play golf.

Accordingly, the only time a player could not use GolfLogix is if they couldn’t use their nearby golf course (likely due to weather). For this reason, GolfLogix is more often used in the warmer months, when players are out and about taking advantage of the lovely weather on the course. Winter may present more challenges to the frequency with which someone plays. If a user’s hometown is prone to snowy and cold conditions, for example, they would likely not be golfing in a blizzard.

However, GolfLogix can still be used on that same December day, perhaps at a course on a vacation to Hawaii at one of our mapped courses, such as the Hawaii Kai Golf Course. Its functionality doesn’t change depending on time of year, which means anyone can get up and go to a warmer, more golf-apt environment and pull out GolfLogix for their game (including at an indoor golf course).

One of GolfLogix’s most helpful features is the Tee Time functionality, which allows users to search for and book tee times at GolfLogix mapped courses near them. This is a great way to determine which nearby courses are open, even in the winter months, as some courses reopen as soon as late winter. It also shares great deals and discounts for booking.

To use Tee Times:

  1. Search for a course name, city, or zip code or location near you in the Tee Times search bar.
  2. Specify search results by intended date, radius around the location input into the search bar, number of players, and by “hot deals.”
  3. Survey available tee times and deals that fit customizations and preferences.
  4. Book it!

With Tee Times, players can always have access to information about open courses near them.