Using Golf GPS When Playing Away From Home

Golf GPS at your home course is a great way to improve and really dial in your shots. You get to know your favorite spots and the proper green breaks and hopefully shoot the lowest scores you ever have. However, one of the areas where golf GPS is best utilized is when you play away from your home course. Here are a few of our best tips for using GolfLogix GPS when playing away from home.

Get Familiar With The Course Before You Even Play

You don’t need to be at the golf course to look at the course layout and get a general idea of what your day on the course will be like. You can set up a strategy, take a look at total yardages, and consider which clubs you may want to use.

Pay close attention to things like water hazards and out of bounds. Some of these things are hidden until you reach a green or approach area, so it’s best to have a heads-up of what you are looking at before you go.

Yardage Accuracy on All Shots

The days of pacing off yardages to sprinkler heads are done. We all know that was not an accurate method, and it likely led to the wrong club selection many times. Now, you need to trust your GPS.

You’ll get precise yardages to greens, hazards, and even that perfect spot on a dogleg to leave your golf ball.

At an unfamiliar course, making a yardage estimate without the facts can leave you in a poor position.

Keep Hazards Out of Play

Having to get up and down from around the green is one thing. However, when you add in bunkers and water hazards, it gets a bit more complicated.

Trust the GPS for precise yardages to greens, hazards, and doglegs, which is crucial on unfamiliar courses where visual estimates can be misleading.

Green Contour Mapping

Here’s the real key when you want to not only play away from home but also play well. It takes a good bit of knowledge to putt well, and with golf GPS, you have that knowledge in your pocket.

Green contour mapping shows you the slopes and undulations of the greens. Not only will this help you roll down those 15-footers, but it can make all the difference on your approach shots. From 50, 75, or 100 yards away, when you have a chance to get close, use the golf GPS for accuracy.

Shot Tracking

Keep track of your golf shots throughout the round. You’ll be able to analyze your performance and make better decisions about what you can work on in your game.

Sometimes, our games become complacent when playing the same course over and over again. Playing away gives you a chance to learn about yourself as a player and keep track of everything to analyze it later.

Club Tracking

You won’t need a caddy if you have a golf GPS with you. The GolfLogix GPS helps you track your distances and will even recommend which clubs are best based on the new course you are playing.

When you have that in-between shot, and you aren’t sure if it’s a wedge or a 9-iron, look to the golf GPS for some answers.

Plays Like Distance

When playing at a new golf course, slope can be kind of deceiving. You may not realize how elevated a green is, and it could cause an issue with club selection. In addition, factors like wind will also come into play, and you may be unfamiliar.

Tap into the resources found in your golf GPS. If you are playing in a tournament, you’ll have to keep the slope mode off. However, to enjoy a day away at another club, go ahead and get the advice you need to play well.

Final Thoughts

Now, all you need is a tee time at a new golf course, and you’ll be ready to go. Don’t look at playing away or traveling to play golf as a challenge. Instead, use technology specifically geared to help you succeed on the course.