Master Your Tee Shot – Strategies To Hit Your Best Drive With A Golf Yardage App

A golf yardage app can help you plan your approach shot to the green. It can even help with reading greens. However, if you want to maximize your potential on the course, you should be using your golf yardage app to help with mastering the tee shot. Whether it’s accurate distance measurement, course layout or performance tracking; here are some ways you can use the GolfLogix golf yardage app to start hitting your best drive.

Accurate Distance Measurement

The most obvious and most beneficial way to use the golf yardage app to master your tee shots is to get some accurate distance measurements. There are times when playing a shot too far will get you into some serious trouble on the course.

Use the yardage app to determine how much fairway you have to work with and whether or not you can hit your full drive without it causing an issue. In addition, you’ll need to look at yardages for hazards like sand traps and water.

If a driver puts you in a position where you’ll be lined up with bunkers, try a 3 wood off the tee as an alternative.

Track Your Performance

How many fairways are you hitting?

Do you know how far you are hitting your drives?

Another benefit of a golf yardage app is the data you can collect about your game. Use this to find weaknesses. If you are not hitting enough fairways, it can cause you to make bogeys and double bogeys.

Maybe your fairway percentages are higher than you though, and your real issues are on the putting green. A golf yardage app can help you start to understand where your game needs the most help.

Course Management and Planning

The great thing about golf yardage apps is that they can be used both on and off the course. If you want to prepare for a round of golf the night before, look at the course layout and determine what you need to work on.

One of the biggest issues that amateur golfers have on the course is the ability to score because of poor decision making.

Use the GolfLogix app to see what area of the fairway would be best to place your tee shot. You can maximize your potential for a green in regulation and start playing for birdies instead of pars.

Another important factor that golfers need to consider is the power of visualization. On blind holes, tee shots can be nerve-wracking. Use your golf yardage app to give you confidence whether you are playing a course for the first time or the 100th time.

Club Recommendation

Once you start collecting data on percentages and distances, choosing the right club to hit becomes much easier. You may find that your 5 wood or 3 wood is your most accurate club from the tee box.

In addition, you will find that not all holes require a drive from the tee box.

In fact, most great players use hybrids, irons, and fairway woods to improve their course management and master the tee shot.

Build Confidence

Without knowledge, data, and a picture of what the golf hole will look like, it’s hard to stand over a golf ball and feel completely confident. With a golf yardage app helping to coach you through a round of golf, you’ll see lower scores and more confident tee shots.

Build the use of the golf yardage app into your pre shot routine. Start by taking a look at the app, calculating your yardages, picking a club and then moving to a practice swing and perfect setup.

Follow this process on every hole and see what differences it will make in your tee shots.

Final Thoughts

A golf yardage app will change your golf game from the tee to the green. Start with a free option like the GolfLogix yardage app, and then start adding features based on the benefits of your game. Eventually, you will see why golf professionals study the course and plan the way they do. This type of mindset and routine can make all the difference in your score.