GolfLogix has no shortage of useful features. From a GPS that shows exact yardage to the ability to track and record scores, GolfLogix has plenty to offer. To ensure you’re taking full advantage of all the GolfLogix app has to offer, watch one of our many GolfLogix tutorials. We’ve highlighted some of our favorites below. 

YouTube Tutorials

The GolfLogix YouTube channel features the main app tutorials, hosted by PGA professional, GolfLogix brand ambassador, and author of The Women’s Guide to Golf, Kellie Stenzel. Recording from the course herself, Stenzel will walk you through specific functions of the app as they apply to golf strategies, such as putting with Putt Breaks and layups. It’s a great way to familiarize yourself with the features of the app and what they will look like when you use them.

An enhanced view of the app as it’s presented on your phone is included in the video, so you can follow along with their process step by step from the comfort and convenience of your own Smartphone. Tutorials include the GolfLogix Chip Tutorial, and introduction to Putt Breaks, and more. Each video is short and to the point, ranging from one to two minutes, so you can quickly get help and information even from the green.

Golf Lessons

Because GolfLogix’s central mission is helping golfers to improve their game, we also feature many virtual golf lessons on our YouTube Channel. Learn how to pitch off a tight lie with Hank Haney or how to hit a golf shot into the wind with Todd Kolb. The series features PGA teaching professionals and golf experts to make sure you’re always learning and improving your game with the experts themselves. They will talk about specific strategies that GolfLogix can assist with, such as surveying the course with the bird’s eye view function and understanding your proximity to the hole and other obstacles with the exact yardage feature. 

These lessons are also easy to find under the “Lessons” tab on the GolfLogix homepage. When new lessons become available, all GolfLogix users will receive an email alert.

Still have questions that the tutorial didn’t answer? You can also use our Help Forum to search for answers to questions other users might have had, or ask your own questions. Or, take advantage of the Clubhouse to meet other GolfLogix users near you who can show you the ropes. 

Our tutorials are a great way to learn the ins and outs of the app before you try it out yourself, or to brush up on your knowledge of the features.