We understand the importance of reading reviews before you purchase a product. While GolfLogix’s ‘Plus’ member option includes two free rounds to get you started, you may want to hear others’ experiences with the app. GolfLogix has been downloaded over 5 million times worldwide on Android and iOS, so there is an abundance of reviews online from satisfied players.

Here are a few places you will find GolfLogix reviews:

  1. In the Apple iOS App Store

Where you’d download GolfLogix for your iPhone, there are over 32,000 reviews. Our average rating on iPhone is 4.7 out of 5 stars. It’s a good idea to look for reviews here if you do have an iPhone, as reviews additionally include iPhone specific reviews, such as, “Loads fast and is relatively easy on iPhone battery… typically uses about 25-30% of the battery for an 18 hole round.”

  1. In the Google Play App store.

The Android Google Play app store shares reviews from Android users. Our average rating on Android is 4 out of 5 stars.

  1. Critical Golf

Critical Golf shares unbiased equipment reviews in the golf industry, and offers a diligent look at the process of using GolfLogix while on the course. These areas include: ease of use, features, and mapping accuracy, so you can understand in-depth what it’s like to use GolfLogix on the course before downloading for yourself.

  1. Various Press

Golf and miscellaneous publications often publish reviews of GolfLogix, too, which are easily available by searching “Golflogix reviews” on Google. Golfalot shared a review explaining the process of using the app, and calling us a “all-in-one caddy service.” Golfcity shared a review celebrating the app’s ease of use and helpful information in determining best putt direction.

We are offering Plus membership for just $9.99 for one month, so when the reviews you read encourage you to try GolfLogix, you can use a low-commitment option as a Plus member. This membership provides the full scope of our features and technology, including:

  • Approach View, to know how the ball will roll when it lands on the course
  • Putt Break Maps, to understand how your putt will break depending on how you putt it
  • The ability to set the pin position on every green
  • Target GPS distances, so you know just how far you are from on-course hazards and the hole
  • Patented club tracking, which tracks and records the location and distance of each shot you take

To learn more about what GolfLogix offers, visit our website and download our app in your app store.