If you already have a smartphone or smartwatch, you may question whether it makes sense to buy an independent GPS unit. A golf GPS is an additional purchase that can cost you hundreds of dollars, the GPS app is a much easier financial decision, but there are some things to consider before downloading any golf GPS app on your phone. 

Golf Course Availability

What golf courses are available? Some apps will state that they have 10,000 courses; others claim 40,000. Although it’s nice to have all of these courses, there are probably less than five golf courses that you care about.

Look at the app provider’s course list and see which golf courses you play are featured as part of the app. If you don’t see your courses, reach out and see if they are coming soon.

Free Trial vs. Paid

Most golf GPS apps will have a free trial or a free version and then a paid version. The differences between the free trial and the paid version typically include better imagery and increased stat tracking.

With something like Golflogix, you will get a free trial to see what the paid features will be like and how they can help your game.

Stat Tracking

A great golf GPS app should feature stat tracking. At this point, stat tracking is something that golf technology manufacturers have the technology for, and it can greatly enhance your game to know your strengths and weaknesses.

With stat tracking, look for features that will also help you choose which golf club is best for you based on the information collected. After a few rounds with a golf GPS app, you should know where you need to practice and improve the most.

Phone Battery Life & Integration

A golf GPS app can have an impact on the battery life of your phone. This is something to keep in mind, but the app will not drain your phone any more than an individual GPS unit would drain throughout the course of a round.

Not all GPS apps are compatible with all phones, and very few are compatible with smartwatches. All of the features of Golflogix can be accessed with the Apple watch.

Greenside Performance Benefits

Last but certainly not least, it’s essential to look at the features you get outside of the yardage readings of a golf GPS app. Does the app help you see the slope on the greens or how they break? Is there an approach view that lets you see how the ball will react when it hits the green? 

GPS apps all offer different features, and it’s essential to choose features that you will use that will benefit your golf game. Greenside performance is perhaps one of the most beneficial features of a great GPS app.

Final Thoughts

A golf GPS app is a great solution, regardless of your golf handicap or experience. Getting a clearer picture of the hole in front of you and accurate yardages to the front, middle, back, and hazards can make your day on the golf course much more enjoyable. Keep our five points in mind when downloading a golf GPS app to get the most for your money.