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Why GolfLogix?

Today is the day to get the #1 App for Golf on your phone for FREE!

  • The Top-Rated Golf App Across all of the Best-Selling Smartphones
  • The Most Downloaded Golf App 2009-2012
  • The Largest Online Golf Clubhouse in the World with Millions of Active Members

With GolfLogix you get:

  • FREE precise GPS distances on 30,000+ golf courses
  • FREE incredible course imagery just like the expensive color yardage books
  • FREE 4-player scoring
  • FREE pro-level stat tracking such as fairways hit, greens in regulation, putts and more
  • FREE membership to the #1 Online Golf Community at where all of your rounds, scores and stats are auto-synced and stored.
  • FREE handicap tracking or ability use your USGA handicap
  • FREE software upgrades and LIVE telephone support
  • FREE 2-round credit to use all of the Champion member features listed below

That’s right…you get #1 App for Golf and all of the amazing features listed above for FREE. No other distance measuring device or app can match the feature set, pricing and high-quality standards of GolfLogix.

Elevate your game to the next level! At any time, you can upgrade and become a Champion member. And, in addition to all the features listed above, you will get advanced features such as:

  • Precise GPS distance to the front, back and center of green
  • Set the daily pin positions to get the distance to the cup
  • Video Flyovers of every hole
  • Patented Club Tracking shows every club plotted right on top of our amazing course imagery
  • Target distances to any point on the fairway and the remaining distance to the green center
  • Target to any point on or around the green
  • Club Distance Grid shows where all of your clubs should land on the imagery
  • Digital Yardage Book with pin point notes that you place anywhere on the imagery
  • Precise GPS distance to all of the hazards and layups
  • Calorie counter that tracks the time and calories burned during your rounds
  • Preferred pricing on golf products and services

   …and more!

See what millions of golfers already know…the best golf GPS app on the market CAN make a huge difference in your game.

On Top of Our Game

Just like every golfer, at GolfLogix we keep searching for ways to improve our game. Upgrading our application, adding new features, and taking advantage of new technology are constant with us. We invest time and money into continually advancing our golf app to offer you the hottest features and the highest quality color imagery. Other apps use the same old poor-quality, hard-to-see pictures of holes. We offer the highest quality color imagery available for FREE.

For us, making it better so you get better is just part of the game.

Join the Club!

Millions of golfers around the globe are elevating their game in our online community. You can review all of your cumulative stats, view charts of your round statistics, see all of your clubs plotted on each hole, chat with your golf buddies, create groups, and create online challenges with friends next door or anywhere in the world. You pick the prize and we calculate the winner. GolfLogix is the only golf GPS app that includes such an amazing online social community.

No other app offers you an online clubhouse membership for FREE. All of your rounds played with our app are automatically synced to your online web pages at Watch your progress on the leaderboard, find local courses, or challenge another member to a round or two. It’s all FREE to GolfLogix members so join today.

Since the Beginning: Golf and Only Golf

Since 1999, we’ve been providing golf GPS and hold a patent on wireless golf GPS tracking. Our development is consistently on the forefront of golf GPS and our maps have been verified by millions of rounds of golf played over the past 13 years.

Golf is what we do…and all we do. We are not an app factory developing gimmicky games and cliché sports apps. Our goal is to make you the best golfer you can be. Whether you are a weekend golfer or a club pro, our app and online community offer everything from distances and scoring to performance statistics and training advice. We even have preferred member discounts so that you can get the right equipment. GolfLogix is there for you, on and off the course.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a GolfLogix application?

There are two levels of GolfLogix membership; the Free Club Membership and the $24.99 Annual Champion Membership or try it Now for $3.99 a month.

The free GolfLogix Club Membership includes GPS yardage to the Green Center, yardage book quality aerial imagery of each hole, score & stat tracking, 4 player scorecard and storage of all your rounds in the Member Clubhouse at These features are available to use on 30,000+ mapped golf courses.

When becoming a free Club Member, you will also get two free rounds to try all of the Champion Member features. After completion of the two free Champion Member rounds you will have the option to upgrade and “Become a Champion Member” or “Continue as a Club Member”.

The annual Champion membership features are valued at over $39.95, but you can join today for only $24.99. Champion Members get all of the Club Member features listed above as well as precise GPS measurements to the front, center and back of the green, pin positions, distance to all hazards and layups, target distances to any point on the imagery, hole flyovers, patented club tracking and plotting, view of your club ranges on top of the hole imagery, calorie counter, and digital yardage book notes that you can place and store on each hole. No other distance measuring device or app can match the feature set, pricing and high-quality standards of GolfLogix.

Which courses do you have mapped?
We have over 30,000 courses mapped across the globe. To verify if we have your home course mapped, as well as view Par, Handicap, and Tee box information, go to If you don’t see a course you play, click on the “Send Course Request” button at the bottom of that page and we’ll map it.
How much data does a round of golf use?
The GolfLogix app uses a minimal amount of data. If you choose not to download aerial imagery, you can expect to use about 1 megabyte of data. If you do download aerial imagery, you will use around 6 megabytes of data which can take 2-4 minutes on a typical cell phone connection. GolfLogix recommends you download the course and imagery on a Wi-Fi connection before heading to the golf course and saving your favorite courses in your in-app saved folder so you will not need to download them each time you play.
Will the GolfLogix app work on my phone?
GolfLogix works on over 60 Smartphone models including iPhone (3GS, 4 and 4S running IOS 4.0 or greater), iPad2, several Blackberry models, most Android phones and tablets, and Windows devices. To see if your particular phone is supported, please go to
How do I install the GolfLogix app?
There are various ways to download the application depending on the type of device you own. Below are the steps to downloading the application to your particular phone.

If you own an Iphone:

*Please enter/click on your "App Store" icon on your phone. Once you in are in your apple App Store type the name Golflogix in the search engine. Once the application appears, click on "Open". The open button will change into a "Install App" button, press this button. The phone may ask you for your itunes password (which we do not have access to). Please enter your password and the application will begin to download to your phone. Once the download is completely, you will see a Golflogix Icon on your phone, and you are ready to go.

If you own an Android phone:

*Please enter/click on your "Google Play" store icon on your phone. Once you are in your Google Play store type in the name Golflogix in the search engine. Once the application appears click on "Install" button.You may be presented with a App permissions page, please "accept" these permissions and the application will begin to download to your phone. Once the download is complete you will see a Golflogix icon on your device, and you are ready to go.

If you own an Windows phone:

*Please enter/click on your "Marketplace" store icon on your phone. Once you are in your Marketplace, click on "Apps". Once in Apps type in the name Golflogix in the search engine. Once the application appears click on "Install" button.You may be presented with a App permissions page, please "accept" these permissions and the application will begin to download to your phone. Once the download is complete you will see a Golflogix icon on your device, and you are ready to go.

You can also download the application from our website by going to the following link: . Please scroll through the pictures of phones and click on your phone. Once the next page loads click on "Get The Free App" button. You will be presented with a window that will give you two options on how to receive the download, via email or text message. Please select your preferred delivery method and follow the online instructions.

If you still are having trouble downloading the applicaton please contact our customer support department at (877) 977-0162 option #1. 
How do I sign up as a ‘Club Member’?
Once the GolfLogix app is installed on your phone, open it and choose the “Become a Free (Club) Member” option. After all the required information is entered, press “Submit” and you’ll now be a Club Member with access to Champion Member features for your first 2 rounds.
How do I sign up as a ‘Champion Member’?

Method 1 - Once the GolfLogix app is installed on your phone, open it and choose the “Become a Champion Member” option. After all the required information is entered, press “Submit” and you’ll now be a Club Member with access to Champion Member features for 2 rounds.

Method 2 - Using your computer: go to When you’re on the GolfLogix Home Page, click on the “Champion Upgrade” tab at the top and then choose “Become a GolfLogix Champion Member”. Fill out the Champion Member form to complete the membership purchase and follow the rest of the on-screen instructions to set up your username (email) and password.

  • If you have not already installed the app on your phone, a download link will be sent to you via text or email. Once you install the app, press “Become a Champion Member”, and then press “I am already a member” which will allow you to sign in and activate your Champion Member features.
  • If you have already installed the app on your phone, open the app on the phone, press “Become a Champion Member”, and then press “I am already a member” which will allow you to sign in and activate your Champion Membership.
I forgot my password for my Smartphone membership, how can I retrieve it?
  1. To recover your password, please go to on a computer and press on the “Member Login” tab.
  2. Next select the “Forgot Password?” option under the “Existing Member Login” section and enter the email address associated with your GolfLogix Membership and press “Submit”. You should receive the password recovery email in a matter of minutes.

If you do not remember the username/email address associated with your membership, please email us at or call our customer support at 1-877-977-0162 option 1, Monday – Friday 8:00am – 4:00pm Arizona time for assistance.

How do I transfer my membership to a new phone?
If you have the GolfLogix application installed on your new Smartphone, open the GolfLogix application, press the “Transfer Membership” or “I’m Already a Member” option. You will then need to enter your email and password in the Transfer Membership fields and press “Submit”.
How will GolfLogix impact my battery life?

GolfLogix utilizes the satellite GPS capabilities of your phone. This does require a lot of power, but, for newer smartphones please follow the tip below and you should be able to complete 18 holes of golf with no more than 20-40 percent of your battery life.

Make sure to turn your phones' screen off when not utilizing it, this is done by pressing the "Power" button real quick. Do not hold it down otherwise the phone will turn off completely. When you turn the screen back on the yardages will start calculating again within 5 - 10 seconds. This will drastically conserve battery life.

  • Great app
    • by Thomas Myers
    • 03 Sep,2012
    • iTunes

    Very useful app for capturing data on one's golf game in a time-efficient manner

  • Nice App
    • by JohnnyL416
    • 03 Sep,2012
    • iTunes

    Easy to use and accurate.  Can't ask for much more than that!

  • Great app
    • by Matt Ritchey
    • 03 Sep,2012
    • iTunes

    I just have the free version and the stat keeping tools are easy and useful for enhancing your game.  Gps is great as well.

  • Great app
    • by Mmddgg
    • 03 Sep,2012
    • iTunes

    Paid for the full version.  Love the tracking putts, GIRs and FIRs.  Great cheap alternative to buying a GPS.

  • Great app!
    • by MJMOO
    • 03 Sep,2012
    • iTunes

    Track every aspect of your game while accessing an accurate GPS!

  • GolfLogix is the Best!
    • by bozreview
    • 03 Sep,2012
    • iTunes

    Best app on my phone.  Works extremely well!

  • GI gps
    • by Marks boy
    • 03 Sep,2012
    • iTunes

    For free app by far the best one yet five stars

  • Pretty sweet
    • by TommyNooch
    • 02 Sep,2012
    • iTunes

    Great, just great.  Thought it was going to be a wonky app, since it was free, but i was surprised at hoe many features it offers and the accuracy of the yardage. Get it.

  • Golf
    • by Davidson Kuchera
    • 02 Sep,2012
    • iTunes

    Great app showed me accurate pics of the course and yardage

  • Great app
    • by Fdwarren
    • 02 Sep,2012
    • iTunes

    Better than my Upro golf gps.  Works better & Lays Longer.

  • Amazing for a free app. So many features.
    • by Nuggular
    • 02 Sep,2012
    • iTunes

    Love this app.  Its hard to tell how far ur shot is at times, but with this, there is no question

  • GolfLogix
    • by Appleseed4u
    • 02 Sep,2012
    • iTunes

    Great app easy to use and accurate on the course

  • Very helpful
    • by Pwerplay82
    • 02 Sep,2012
    • iTunes

    Very helpful, a must have during any round!

  • Great
    • by Trobot47
    • 02 Sep,2012
    • iTunes

    Fantastic app

  • Great Golf App
    • by Trinity0530
    • 02 Sep,2012
    • iTunes

    Love the app.  Gets better with each update.

  • Definately has helped my game
    • by Floretlane
    • 02 Sep,2012
    • iTunes

    Knowing the distance to the greens and other points has allowed me to be more accurate.  My handicap has gone down from a 21 to a 17 this summer.

  • Awesome Golf App
    • by torainca
    • 31 Aug,2012
    • itunes

    If you play and you like to know yardages.  This is the app to get. Easy to use, easy to track shots, find courses.  You can even enter your playing partners scores and have them emailed to them.  I love this app

  • Downloaded on the course
    • by Soprano
    • 31 Aug,2012
    • itunes

    Downloaded and used for the first time mid round.  Very accurate yardage and easy to use.  Can't believe you get this much for free. Great App!

  • Landscape co owner
    • by DFgolfnut
    • 31 Aug,2012
    • itunes

    Awesome app!  Trying it for free.  Worked perfect on the golf course today! Five starts easy!!!

  • Wow great app well designed
    • by Jimborumpunch
    • 31 Aug,2012
    • itunes

    I've only used it once but what an incredible app.  It will take a while to learn all of the choices it offers.  Again Wow!!!

  • No flaws
    • by maise03
    • 25 Jun,2012
    • iTunes

    I would never in my life pay $20 for an app.  Until This one....Very well done, I wouldn't change a single thing.

  • Very well done app
    • by Matthew Vest
    • 19 Jun,2012
    • iTunes

    I've used several GPS apps, and this one is the best.  Just started to use the club tracking, and I really like the possibilities for having a more accurate idea of how far I hit certain clubs consistently. Very well done.  One request: make an iPad version!

  • Excellent App!
    • by JimC137
    • 17 Jun,2012
    • iTunes

    Does everything expected plus more, especially for a free app.  Every course tried thus far has been accurate within a yard or so.

  • Interesting App
    • by joeb9113
    • 17 Jun,2012
    • iTunes

    Thought I was getting a range finder, this so much more.  I've used it for 7 rounds and I love the data analysis.  I still haven't tried the $19.95 upgraded version.  The app allows two free tries before you pay for it.  Will review again when I try the upgrade, if I ever do.

  • Best Golf App Ever!!!
    • by Grant_MO
    • 29 May,2012
    • iTunes

    This app is simply amazing.  Thanks to the developers for putting a great app together.  I cannot wait to use it again!

  • Great App for the price
    • by golfergirl62
    • 28 May,2012
    • iTunes

    This App seems almost as accurate as the very expensive shooters that take the distance to a flag.  Very helpful at a tournament I played today.

  • Great!
    • by William
    • 04 May,2012
    • Google Play Store

    Worked well the first time using it on the course, but did not use all of the features, I will eventually. Worked much better then my previous Golf GPS App!

  • Best of the best!
    • by rob
    • 21 Apr,2012
    • Google Play Store

    I love this app! One of the best apps on the market. If you're serious about keeping track of your golf game this is the app for you!!!

  • Yardage & Battery life fixed!!!
    • by Chris
    • 19 Apr,2012
    • Google Play Store

    Great product...helps my game every time out on the course. Love the new features. Personal favorite is the hole notes. You can actually keep notes for yourself just like the pros do, but on your phone. Newest update fixed my battery life issue and yardage discrepancies.

  • Finally Works on OS7
    • by sqzin9
    • 12 Apr,2012
    • Blackberry AppWorld

    Tried a lot of GPS apps last year and settled on  this one ... Best of all. Dissappointed I couldn't load it on my new Torch 9960 in Jan but can now. Upgraded to Clubhouse version and it's worth the money, loads of stats and your own page on the Golf  Logix website.

  • Works great on Torch 9800
    • by Anonymous
    • 05 Apr,2012
    • Blackberry AppWorld

    My favourite app.  I don't upgrade handsets and OS until I know this app works  the new versions.  Buddy's are always amazed at how quick and accurate the GPS is compared to purpose built GPS units and course markers. No trouble getting 18 holes out of the battery however  I don't often use the aerial image unless playing a course for the first time. Love the stats and handicap function. Have used it in three continents and it always works fine. Have occasionally found courses that have been modified and the course mappers quickly respond to request to add or update courses.

  • Awesome!
    • by Scott
    • 17 Mar,2012
    • Google Play

    Used this app during my round todayand it worked great. Had a full battery when started and had 3/4 battery leftafter my 2.5 hr round. I have never used a GPS before and had to guess on myyardages. Now i know my exact yardages. Great app!

  • Best By Far
    • by Chet
    • 17 Mar,2012
    • Google Play

    This is a great rangefinder. Firstbought this for my Storm1. Just picked up DroidX and is great. Best App i'vedownloaded bar none. And now have purchased a Razormaxx. Tra.sfer was easy andwith the battery enhancer, just awesome. When I finish 18, still have a fullcharge.

  • Best golf app out there
    • by Rick
    • 16 Mar,2012
    • Google Play

    Love this application. Stat tracking and online stat review is great.

  • Great app!
    • by Around the Horn
    • 16 Mar,2012

    Fantastic app. Accurate, great graphics, works great no flaws. I've suggested this app to countless golf buddies... they like it as much as me.

  • Crisp Graphics, Spot-On Yardage
    • by TaylorGolfer-Version 1.0
    • 16 Mar,2012

    Finally a golf application that had my golf course. I downloaded it over the weekend and played two rounds. The graphics were really easy to see and the distances were readable. The distances matched my buddy’s rangefinder. The best part was the website of golf info that they keep on you. I would like to see them add more features to that in the future though.

  • GolfLogix for iPhone
    • by vhendon -Version 1.0
    • 16 Mar,2012

    This is by far the best golfing utility (software solution) on the market. I have tried a bunch of them! Great graphics and speedy hole updates. Two shortcomings though....battery drain and once you are on the green (or less than 30 yards away, it no longer displays the yardage.

  • Good Idea, Great Info!
    • by sprtsmom -Version 1.0
    • 16 Mar,2012

    Have an iPhone and love golf. I tried the free trial and liked how it worked. Really easy and really helped! I don want to carry around a golf rangefinder but I always have my phone. I also like the idea of getting all the upgrades and new features with a subscription instead of having to buy a new app every year.

  • The only golf app you need!!
    • by FiremanNC-Version 1.5.9
    • 16 Mar,2012

    Downloaded this app a few weeks ago on my 4s and works great. It’s accurate with in 3-5 yards every time I used it Played two rounds with it so far. I will be upgrading the membership soon to try out all the features. The free version is plenty for an avid golfer.

  • Great app!
    • by GUNSFROMABOVE-Version 1.5.9
    • 16 Mar,2012

    I use this app every time I’m out on the course I don’t even get the clubhouse scorecard anymore…don’t need it. Helps me back every aspect of my game and serves as my own personal caddie when I’m playing. This is a great app.

  • GolfLogix
    • by Pinchiehitter-Version 1.5.9
    • 16 Mar,2012

    I have been using this app most of the summer I have had little to no problems and it is accurate up to a couple yards of all other golf GPS units that have been with our groups. Seems app has gotten better and better since first download. I give this app a solid 5 stars!

  • Great Software
    • by The Ratman -Version 1.5.9
    • 16 Mar,2012

    I got the Championship membership software and play a lot of golf. My friends have expensive yardage devices but I have way more features at a huge savings. I’m a 9 hdcp and the yardage is off as they state approx 3-5 yds. But unless you’re a professional do you really need to be that accurate? Some people need an excuse so I guess that’s as good as any! The more I use this program the more powerful it becomes. Spend the time to learn how it works and use it.

  • Fantastic program love the stats. Better than the other gps golf apps. Even better ...
    • by Stephen
    • 16 Mar,2012

    Fantastic program love the stats. Better than the other gps golf apps. Even better than the ones you have to pay for. (HTC Evo 4G with version 5.3)

  • Great App - HTC Evo
    • by Rene
    • 16 Mar,2012

    Going on my second year of using this app. Haven't had many problems. Usually the only time the app closes is if I get a phone call while on the course, but a quick restart and it picks up where it left off. This app changes your Screen Timeout to Never, so you MUST lock your phone when you are not using it. Also changing the brightness of your screen to about 25% will help greatly. I have made it through 18 holes with no problems, but have an external battery pack for back up if need be

  • Fantastic
    • by Player87138294
    • 16 Mar,2012

    The free version is useful, but the Championship version is so worth the fee. Other devices that cost $300 or more only give you the distance to the flag, but the GolfLogix Championship Edition gives you the distance to bunkers, water hazards, dog legs, as well as the distance to the front, center and back of the green. But my favorite feature is that I can enter my personal distances with all of my clubs and GolfLogix will recommend a club for me to hit. Not only is it an indispensable range finder, but it's the best caddy I've ever had! Love it!

  • I like this app
    • by XxBradesxX
    • 15 Mar,2012

    So far I have had unexpected errors while entering golfers fields. Running 7.5 on Samsung focus. I was able to enter all my rounds this past season easily and quickly using the free version. If the two trial rounds seem worthwhile, I will download the full version for next year.

  • This app is the greatest. I travel the west coast for business and use ...
    • by Chris
    • 12 Mar,2012

    This app is the greatest. I travel the west coast for business and use GolfLogix to find the nearest course and also track my rounds. Love it!(HTC my Touch 4G with version 5.3)

  • They just keep making it better as good and better than the mist expensive ...
    • by Ric
    • 06 Mar,2012

    They just keep making it better as good and better than the mist expensive rangefinders...I.e. Skycaddie SGX, I have but use this app more

  • Fantastic
    • by Suerealtor
    • 06 Mar,2012

    It is a great app and I use it every time I golf. Great to look back and review results like number of putts etc.

  • Great App! This is the first golf gps app I’ve found that actually has ...
    • by Jesse
    • 02 Mar,2012

    Great App! This is the first golf gps app I’ve found that actually has the courses I play. The club membership, and stat tracker are great.(HTC my Touch 4G with version 5.5)