Now with Putt Breaks!

The NEW GolfLogix App helps you read the greens like a pro, so you know exactly how your approach shots will roll and how your putts will break. Try it today on thousands of top courses with hundreds added each week. Available now for Apple and coming soon for Android!


What Can You Do with Putt Break Maps?

Stick Your Approach

A birds-eye view of the green shows direction and slope, which helps you find the best spot to land your ball and hit it close.

Sink More Putts

No matter where you’re putting from, see the speed, direction and breaks between your ball and the cup. Use this pro golfer advantage to shave strokes off your game.

Read Greens Like a Pro

Modeled after the green maps that professional golfers use, GolfLogix’s Putt Break Maps are designed to give everyday golfers an incredible advantage that no other app provides.

How to Use Putt Break Maps

When you are shooting for the green, use the new Approach View and the GPS target to see how your ball will roll when landing on the green.

When you are on the green, use the new Putt View to set the location of the ball and the flag to know how your putt will break.  Natalie Gublis shows you how it just takes a few seconds to read your putt and knock it in with the NEW GolfLogix App.

What else does GolfLogix offer?

  • Interactive course maps
  • 35,000 Courses
  • GPS to the front, back, & center of greens
  • Distance to any point on fairway & green
  • Activity calorie counter
  • Daily pin positions
  • GPS distances to all layups and hazards
  • Patented club tracking

And now with Putt Breaks there is no better App to get you off the tee, on the green and in the hole!

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