• Tee to Green: How Golf Yardage Apps Can Lower Your Scores

    Having a comprehensive golf yardage app like GolfLogix can make it easier to get distances to the pin, keep track of your game, and even read greens. However, some golfers lose sight of what the purpose of all of these
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  • Reading Golf Greens Like the Pros: Strategies for Precision Putting

      Putting precision is not just about making a perfect putting stroke (although it certainly helps); it’s about having an understanding of how the golf ball is going to move on the greens. If you can’t read a green effectively,
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  • GolfLogix App Updated for Apple Watch Users

    The Number 1 app in golf has expanded its platform for the most popular and best-selling smartwatch on the market, making it easier to use SCOTTSDALE, AZ (July 21, 2023) – GolfLogix, the world leader in app technology for golfers,
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  • GolfLogix Releases Reimagined 2023 Green Books

    The Number 1 app in golf also publishes the game’s premier yardage guide; Complete redesign creates the only green book and yardage guide showing slope, fairway contours and elevation data, to help golfers play smarter and score lower SCOTTSDALE, AZ
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  • Best Apps For Golfers

    The best apps make themselves indispensable right away. You wouldn’t think of deleting them from your phone. The Masters app is so good that it could earn a permanent place on your screen even though you’ll use it for only
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  • 7 Golf Accessories You Can’t Live Without

    2020 hasn’t been the best year for humans so far, with the COVID-19 pandemic throwing our daily lives into a tailspin. Fortunately, summer is almost here and golf is starting to get going again. Let’s face it – The golf
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