• Insider Tips to Get the Most Out of GolfLogix

    For new GolfLogix users, it may take some time to discover all of the many features within the app. The best way to dive in is to get out onto the course and test it out. As a player nails
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  • Can GolfLogix Be Used Year-Round?

    GolfLogix serves to provide players with the tools and analytics they need to perform well on a golf course, and does so 365 days a year. With over 35,000 courses logged, GolfLogix will be available to track performance, provide a
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  • What’s the Best Golf Yardage App?

    GolfLogix is widely regarded for its highly detailed course information that can be accessed readily and easily from a user’s smartphone. The #1 most downloaded golf app across smartphones, GolfLogix’s specialty is providing specific details such as yardage, GPS, and
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  • 4 Ways GolfLogix Can Help Your Game

    GolfLogix was created to aid golfers in their game through the power of information. When a map of the course’s terrain is available to a golfer in vivid detail, they’re better able to plan their swing or putt and perform
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  • What’s the Best Golf App to Track Stats?

    GolfLogix is a golfer’s best friend: a handheld GPS for over 35,000 courses worldwide, the app has been rated the #1 golf app by many users for its premium features, such as its ability to accurately track stats of numerous
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  • Does GolfLogix Have a Free Option?

    GolfLogix is the #1 most downloaded app for golf statistics and analytics, featuring top course mapping technology to help golfers better understand the course and plot their swings. Golflogix’s premium features offer users a refined golfing experience to improve performance,
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