GolfLogix is the #1 most downloaded app for golf statistics and analytics, featuring top course mapping technology to help golfers better understand the course and plot their swings. Golflogix’s premium features offer users a refined golfing experience to improve performance, thanks to greater clarity on the course – and there’s an option to unlock these offerings for free.

GolfLogix includes over 35,000 mapped courses with a 3D, full-color, centimeter-by-centimeter view, with helpful highlights such as stat tracking. All of these features can be accessed with the highly regarded GolfLogix Plus Membership, but there is also a free option for golfers on a budget.

Upon downloading the GolfLogix app, a user can try all the Plus Membership features for free to get a sense for how the features can aid the game. After the free trial rounds, the user will be prompted to opt in for a Plus membership subscription. However, if the user chooses to wait on upgrading, they can still access all of the Plus Membership features in the app with a two-day pass for only $2.99 or access the free features at no cost.

This way, golfers new to the app can benefit from tracking features and see firsthand how much GolfLogix can benefit their game before committing to a subscription. The flexible and affordable subscription options are as follows:

  1. $9.99 per month
  2. $49.99 for 12 months
  3. Two-day passes for $2.99 each

These subscriptions are optional to use of the app, and anyone can continue benefiting from GolfLogix’s offerings even if they don’t upgrade immediately. The GolfLogix Plus features include:

  1. A robust understanding of Putt Lines. Unsure on how to position the putt with the terrain of the green? The Putt Line feature enables the user to draw a line in the app to see how the putt will break depending on the slope of the green. GolfLogix contains a log of over 13,000 courses for this feature.
  2. 3D green maps to assist in where to place approach shots. These highly detailed maps include visual information on elevation change, GPS distance, and aim points.
  3. Pro-level statistics, so that the user can learn from each swing and improve with detailed information.

These features are accessible by simply downloading the GolfLogix app. The option to upgrade to Plus Membership is available at any time, ensuring that GolfLogix not only aids golfers in each of their rounds, but provides flexibility in the golfer’s continuous access to course mapping technology and features that keep them improving.